About Us

We are Recruitment Redefined. We are Greek-Branded™.

Our company came to fruition for two distinct, important reasons:

1. Repetition and reputation are the keys to an entity's success. When people see you being the best you possible while you subtly rock your organization's letters or symbols, people that relate to you tend to gravitate toward you. They will also tend to be very attracted to your Greek organization. You've now gained a friend, and more importantly, gained a brother or sister for life. We exist to serve as a catalyst for these beautiful and meaningful relationships.

2. Representation matters. Cleanliness matters. The decal market is riddled with decals cut from subpar material that either fail to stick to even the most suitable of surfaces, or stick so much that you need excessive heat and a razor blade to scrape it off. And don't get us started on the glue residue left behind! We use 3M, the leader in vinyl technology for our decals. Our decals were designed for easy installation, long-term use, and easy removal!

With Greek-Branded, your Greek organization will be represented in its best possible light. From the high quality materials, to the free shipping for life, to the 30-day returns and our one-year Durability Warranty, it's no wonder why many Greeks choose Greek-Branded™ Stickers and Decals.