2020 Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment: What You Need to Know

So you want to join a sorority at your campus this fall? Despite the fact that we are still dealing with COVID-19, recruitment will still be taking place full-swing! For many campuses, the experience will more-than-likely reflect on our current state, but for many of you reading this today, this will be your first time experiencing recruitment altogether!

We’re here to break down what you should expect this fall, and what actions you should be taking right now to prepare you for your amazing experience of finding your home away from home!

Remember this, and recall it as you go through this process: This is as significant of a decision for you joining an organization as it is for the organization electing to accept you. This should relieve the pressure of trying to “fit a mold” and encourage you to be your true self, eager to join an organization while recognizing your independence and self-worth.


During the Summer

  1. REGISTER. Google “sorority recruitment (insert school name)” and get registered on time to participate! Read up on your school’s recruitment processes and be prepared to follow them to the letter (down to the outfit requirements). Sorority recruitment is a fun and amazing experience made possible because of its attention to detail and structure!
  2. Clear your mind. And keep it open. You may find yourself attracted to a particular sorority based on a past recruitment video. Your mom may be in a sorority and you may want to continue that legacy. Our best advice? Do what you can to unlearn that. You may find yourself more attracted to a completely different sorority, one that feels more like home than your original pick. Remember, YOU decide what your college experience will be like, and keeping an open mind will make that decision much easier.
  3. SHOP. On your campus recruitment page, you’ll find a dress code for every single event. Start shopping for those events in advance! Shipping times are delayed for many retailers, and the last thing you need to be worrying about during recruitment is where you’re going to buy the next day’s outfit.

Move-in Day

As a potential new member (PNM), you’ll be moving in a week earlier than your peers. Starting recruitment before school starts enables you to focus on this significant journey.

By now you should be assigned a Recruitment Counselor (Rho Gamma – ΡΓ). They are there to guide you throughout your journey of finding your sisterhood! If given the time to ask questions, now would be the perfect time for you to ask any general questions related to sorority life.

Round 1: Open House

Normally, the first day is reserved for open house. On this day, you’ll be spending the entire day visiting all of the sororities. You’ll be getting to know them in a general sense.

This will more-than-likely be your first impression of them as a whole, and they may not get to know you on a deep-enough level. Don’t worry, the next few days will allow for that. Just be your authentic self, take in as much information as you can, and start thinking about creating a short-list (your “preferred” list).

At the end of day, rank your sorority picks on a list and turn it in to your Rho Gamma. Your Rho Gamma will use this list, along with the votes from the sororities, to create a “callback” list for you to use for the next day.

Due to the precautions campuses nationwide are taking for the coronavirus, you can count on this day being virtual (via Zoom or WebEx). Make sure your background is nice, and be sure to dress for the occasion as if it was in person.

Round 2: Philanthropy

You will learn about the philanthropies of the sororities on your once-again revised callback list. This is where things may get emotional, as you’ll find some sisters expressing their deep passion for their sororities national philanthropy.

One thing about this round: a sorority’s cause does not have to be the dealmaker or dealbreaker when selecting your second home. You can have an attraction to one sorority while wholeheartedly supporting another’s cause. You can actually join one sorority and petition to collaborate with another in support of their philanthropy! So don’t feel stuck between two or three orgs due to this, as you’ll find that support from other Greek orgs is always welcome in the Greek community.

Round 3: Skit

On this day, you’ll be having much deeper conversations with fewer sisters of the sororities on your once-again revised callback list. Expect conversations to center around you. Things like hobbies, motivations, and goals should come to mind. You may have some questions of the sorority concerning what you have learned so far. Feel free to ask at this time as well. This may follow (or precede) a short, funny skit performed by the sisters, portraying sorority life for their organization.

At the end of this day, you should have a solid idea of what your top three should be composed of. Write these down and begin contemplating how you’ll fit in for each one of them. Keep that open mindset! You’ll see why in Round 4.

Round 4: Preference

No pressure, but this day is critical.

You will be visiting your top picks (narrowed down to two or three) for the longest duration of the recruitment process. The conversations will center around what you can bring in to the organization if you were to become a member.

Sisterhood is important, but remember, you are joining an organization. One with goals and objectives that its members are expected to carry out for as long as they are members. It’s hard work, and this will be emphasized at this stage.

By now you know the goals and objectives of the sororities you’ll be visiting. You may have a preference for just one of them. Our best advice when attending preference rounds? Keep the same energy for all the sororities you meet.

Not only is it good practice for developing your self-presentation skills, but its pretty rude to come into this round unenthusiastically, especially when the sisters are making a genuine effort to get to know you (especially at this point of the recruitment process). No matter your personal preference, give it your all with every one of them!

Preference Voting

After preference rounds, you’ll have the opportunity to create your final preferred list. The order of this list is absolutely critical. Why?

This is where you’ll be choosing your sorority.

That’s right. And you'll have several ways of going about this decision. You can:

  1. Rank all your preferred choices in order. Do this if you like the sororities you visited and actually see yourself in each of them. Again, the order matters, so if you like one sorority over another, that needs to be reflected on your list.
  2. Rank some of your preferred choices in order. Do this if some sororities meet the requirements in the step above, but you don’t see yourself in others. For example, if Sorority A and Sorority C have your interest, but Sorority B does not, you are able to simply rank only A and C and leave B out of the list.
  3. Pick a single sorority. From the moment you met the sisters, to the tears and the laughs shared as you all shared experiences, you felt like one sorority was just simply perfect. You do not see yourself in ANY other sorority. This is the option you want to exercise if that is how you feel.

There are no wrong answers. Remember, this decision is yours and yours alone to make.

Bid Day

We won’t spoil what happens here in terms of procedure. Just know that it will be extremely exciting and magical 😊.

In terms of results, you may experience one of several outcomes:

  1. You get a bid from your top choice!
  2. You do not get a bid from your top choice, but one (or all) of your other choices extended a bid to you.
  3. You do not get a bid at all.

We wish you tremendous luck! You got this!

And when you do find your home, you'll be receiving (and giving) lots of gifts! Greek-Branded has what your future sisters crave! Feel free to take a look at what we have while you wait for your semester to start!


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